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Guaranteed Pest Control in Seattle, Washington

Seattle Pest Control Prices


Service Fee: A general service and inspection feel will be charged on the first visit to the home or property. This fee covers all travel, insurance, and general licensing business and admin costs necessary to perform a professional service. This fee may vary depending on distance traveled.

Trapping Fee: When we come to your property to remove any animals that we have trapped, a trapping fee will apply. It is usually charged per visit to the home, instead of per animal removed. There is no fee to set up the traps, that is covered in the initial service and inspection fee.

Repair Fee: If applicable - if animals are getting into your house or attic, we will repair the holes they used to get in. We will not know the cost of these repairs until we perform that initial inspection of your home. At that time, we will give you an exact price for the repairs, for your approval, before any repair work will begin.


Cleanup Fee: If necessary, we will clean up the biohazard waste or other matter left behind by the animals living in your house. As with repairs, the cost of the cleanup will vary based upon the size of the area, the amount of soilage, etc. and we can only give an exact quote after we have properly surveyed the situation.

Please remember, each job is different, and there is no "one price fits all" scenario. After we have spoken on the phone, I will be able to give a much more accurate price quote for the project. However, the price of any repairs or cleanup can't be determined without an on-site inspection.

This is a professional wildlife removal company based in Seattle Washington. We provide pest control for wild animals only, not extermination of insects. If you have nuisance critters that you need to get rid of, we can humanely take care of the problem.

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