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Guaranteed Fox and Coyote Control, Removal, & Prevention in Seattle, Washington

Fox and Coyote Removal and Control in Seattle

Coyote: Canis latrans - a member of the canid family, these animals are not terribly different from your dog, except they're ...wilder. They have actually learned to survive in suburban and even urban areas, so they're not unheard of. Still, they pose no real threat of any kind, unless you have a chicken coop or small pets outside at night or something. They're usually shy and reclusive. If you see one, don't go nuts with worry - they won't eat your children in the night.

Fox: Vulpes vulpes - The Red Fox is a shy little canid that really poses no real threats or problems of any kind. I wouldn't really worry about trying to trap or remove a fox from your property. Consider yourself lucky to see one! If you have some unusual situation, like a problem fox eating your chickens or fox under your deck, give me a call, but otherwise, just leave these harmless little guys alone.


This is a professional wildlife removal company based in Seattle Washington. We provide pest control for wild animals only, not extermination of insects. If you have nuisance critters that you need to get rid of, we can humanely take care of the problem.

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