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Guaranteed Critter Removal, Control, & Prevention in Seattle, Washington

Critter Removal and Control in Seattle

Other Critters: If you're having a problem with any other wild critter not listed on this website, just give us a call, and we can investigate the situation and probably help you. There's almost no wildlife problem that we can't address! Sometimes it's a simple matter of trapping, but usually it's a matter of finding out the root cause of the problem and then eliminating it. If you've got mystery noises in the attic, we will inspect the attic, look for the types of droppings, the odor, the type of tracks, and we will easily be able to tell what kind of animal has invaded your house. We then take the proper measures the trap and remove the animals, and we find out how they got into the house, and permanently seal off those points of entry.  

This is a professional wildlife removal company based in Seattle Washington. We provide pest control for wild animals only, not extermination of insects. If you have nuisance critters that you need to get rid of, we can humanely take care of the problem.

My friend has created a really cool website about terrariums - - tropical terrariums with information about plants, poison dart frogs, and keeping your own little jungle ecosystem in your home. Check it out!

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